Prohibition Era The focus that Harvey’s put onto the quality of the whisky and the bottle presentation paid excellent dividends especially during the 1920’s US Prohibition Era years when Alec Harvey, storing and exporting the whisky from Seaham Hall in North East England, developed a lucrative business in Chicago and New York in the USA, with customers, Belle Livingstone, Owney Madden and the criminal set including Al Capone and George Remus amongst others.

Prohibition Era

SPEY whisky

SPEY became the illegal secret that could not be talked of, only discovered. Owney Madden (Cotton Club) and Belle Livingstone (Country Club) both ran exclusive and private membership-only clubs that offered their clients luxury, barely clandestine evenings of pure pleasure.

On the 5th of December 1933, Prohibition in the US was banned and normal consumption prevailed – Spey and Harvey’s Scotch whisky then reduced to something less of the illegal secret that it had become.