BEINN DUBH Single Malt

The Black Mountain Legend

The local BEINN DUBH Ruby Black Single Malt Scotch Whisky, itself POTENT and MYSTERIOUS, uses water from the Cairngorm Black Mountain and is perfectly finished in toasted ruby port casks from Portugal.

'Black Mountain' is how professor Norma Collie (University College, London) described Ben Macdui, the highest peak of the Cairngorm mountains, after his solo climb to the summit in 1891.

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BEINN DUBH – The Darker Side

The highland mountain ranges in Scotland are wild and magnificent places that attract many international visitors, but their slopes have a darker side that has terrified many people throughout the years. It is claimed that the mountains are haunted.

The "Black Mountain" is truely hauntingly powerful.


The Special Casks

We import ruby port casks for our finishing process directly from Portugal where the finest port is made.

Tanoaria Josafer Lda, established in 1962 craft the Ruby Port casks that give Beinn Dubh its unique colour.

Our whisky is matured in charred casks to produce a unique "ruby black" whisky.

The short film shows a small part of the process used to create each and every cask.

Finishing With Finesse

Scotch Whisky must be matured in oak casks for a minimum of three years, and is often matured much longer. 'Finishing' is an extension of the maturation process, when the spirit is subsequently filled into empty casks that previously held other wines or spirits for a further relatively short period at the end of maturation.

The Beinn Dubh Angel

The Angels’ Share

During the ageing process, at least 2% of the whisky in each barrel evaporates through the oak. The distilleries refer to this portion as the Angels' Share. Well, we’ve always known that whisky is a heavenly drink! The exact amount of whisky lost depends on factors such as temperature and the quality of the cask.

Although 2% may sound like a small amount, over a ten year maturation period it can add up to many hundreds of thousands of litres (and surely some very tipsy angels!).

The Flying Scotsman

Speyside Distillery partnered with The National Rail Museum & The Flying Scotsman with LIMITED EDITION, Beinn Dubh - Flying Scotsman Single Malt Whisky.

The special edition whisky marked the return of the iconic Flying Scotsman steam locomotive following a major restoration. The Flying Scotsman - arguably the best known train in the world - shot to fame after becoming the first steam locomotive to break the 100mph barrier in 1934 during a run from London to Leeds.

The commemorative bottle of the distillery's Beinn Dubh ruby black whisky was produced under licence for the National Railway Museum, which welcomed back its most famous - and best loved - exhibit after a decade-long absence.

Thunder in the Glen

Speyside Distillery and their Award Winning Single Malt Whisky – Beinn Dubh - has established itself as the local whisky of the Cairngorms and was launched and tasted for the first time at the 2015 Thunder in the Glens (TITG) rally to rave reviews.

Speyside Distillery CEO John Harvey McDonough says, "The feedback we received about Beinn Dubh, from people gathered at TITG over the last few years, is that it is a great dram to celebrate the rally".

Partnering with the Rally organisers Dunedin Chapter Harley Owners Group (HOG).

Managing Director Patricia Dillon said "We are delighted to support the Dunedin Chapter, TITG and the local community and in celebration are able to release specially selected drams each year".

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