Our Byron's Gin are both multi-layered with traditional juniper enhanced with local herbs and garden botanicals from the grounds of our boutique, artisan distillery, nestled in the Cairngorm National Park.

Here at Speyside Distillery our distiller and master craftsman Sandy Jamieson, along with the County Recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland united to craft two stunning gins.

Infusing their professional skills, expertise in their respective fields and most importantly their deep passion - they have created a unique and new gin experience for the more sophisticated palate.

This tradition is now being continued by Distillery Manager Allan Findlay.


Bird Cherry

Prunus padus

Bird Cherry is joined with Lemon-scented Fern, Lady's bedstraw, Rowan, Wild Thyme, Juniper and Blaeberry
ABV 43%

Nose: Light, soft and gentle with citrus and herbs.
Palate: Sweet fruit and spice, velvety smooth and warming.
Finish: Mellow and fruity, lingering warmth.
Serve: A classic gin served with ice, tonic and lemon or for a different dimension serve over frozen blueberries with a dash of lime juice and tonic to taste.

Bird Cherry 21

Melancholy Thistle

Cirsium heterophyllum

Melancholy Thistle is joined by Scot’s Pine, Sweet Vernal-grass, Juniper, Rowan, Downy Birch and Aspen
ABV 43%

Nose: Vibrant with sweet juniper and pine notes.
Palate: This classic gin bursts with a tang of citrus freshness rounded and mellowed by the juniper.
Finish: Smooth with lingering woody undertones.
Serve: A unique gin enjoyed over ice with red grapefruit, topped with sparkling mineral water to taste.

Mel Thistle 21

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